Wake up. Eat. Learn. Study. Work. Sleep.
Wake up. Eat. Learn. Study. Work. Sleep.

The same routine.
A basic formula for everyday.
Everyday of every week.
Every week of every month.
Every month of every year.
Forever. And ever.

This formula can be modified.
Add in x amount of fun.
Add in y amount of feeling.
Add in z amount of dreams.
Divide by b amount of goals.
Let’s see if it’s a negative or positive result.

The answer to the formula is always a number.
There are an infinite number of numbers.
But they are all still numbers.
Numbers that come from a general formula.
From a formula with variables that are slightly tweaked.

But once in a while, the formula is defied.
Defied by the creators.
Who broke and changed it through strong will.
And determination for a better future.
They changed it permanently.

It’s routine. The formula for life.
It has you stuck in the same pattern.
Like it does for everybody in the world.
Until you stand up and break the rules.
Break the routine.

Build your own formula.
Build your own routine.
Because the routine doesn’t control you.
Because the formula doesn’t control you.
YOU control IT.


How Would You Feel? (Paean)

Recommend listening “How Would You Feel (Paean)” by Ed Sheeran


I get attached.

To almost everything.

Including you.

You give me indescribable feelings.

Feelings I don’t know what to make of.

You made me discover things

about myself.

Things I was unsure about.

You fill me up with this special feeling.

You’re different.

Never change that.

Days in the Sun

I recommend listening to “Days in the Sun” by Adam Mitchell from 2017 Beauty and the Beast while reading.

It’s the little things that count.

Things like the little red wagon that my mom pushed my brother and me around in.

The battered old swing set where I spent many hours dreaming of touching the sky.

The old drawings out of crayon that I drew that hung proudly on the fridge.

It’s childhood. Something that always stays with you, until the very end.

Something that passes so quickly yet so very slowly.

so. slow. still. so. quick.

Something that should never be taken for granted.